Brandy Records Canada – Writing Music!

Brandy Records Canada will be expanding with a new division – Brandy Music Publishing.

We are excited about our new venture; we are excited to welcome new writers to showcase their talents and to have their creations pitched to individuals in the music industry.

We will be posting more about this new venture in the near future and look forward to helping those individuals pursue their passions in writing.



Photo Credit:  Edward Eyer

5 thoughts on “Brandy Records Canada – Writing Music!

  1. do you like lyrics that open the soul, tear the garbage from within, and send you into a state of well being, or is it pop corn stuff that gets your juices flowing, meal time has many meanings, just asking

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      1. I find that rhythm comes easy, I have a load of sweet words, but i never let them off, is there a formula, or do you need to work with a performer, i am still a beginner every day i wake up, cheers


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